Bands For Arms

The Better Life Foundation Bracelet, an Official 3 Doors Down Bracelet

Made with Navy desert camis, inspired and dedicated to Bands For Arms and military supporter, Brad Arnold 

100% of the proceeds raised from this Bracelet will return to The Better Life Foundation, a 3 Doors Down Charity

*Please NOTE there is a 10-12 week waiting period for this Bracelet from the time of order


Welcome to The Bands For Arms Store! Handmade Bracelets made out of old, donated military uniforms. Each Bracelet that is offered available, when a customer purchases a Bracelet, they are reserving a piece of a donated uniform to be turned into their personal Bracelet. Once a Bracelet has sold out, Nick will then turn all the material to make the Bracelet, over to a service member(s) in country or stationed overseas. Please note we are currently behind on Bracelet making with the service member volunteers and Nick himself, due to unexpected deployments that occurred in August 2014. We are working on our 2013 December, 2014 January & 2014 February orders at this time and we apologize for the delay. Please understand that Bands For Arms is a fundraising project, with the goal of raising funds through the Bracelets sold, to support the many military non profits B4A assists on a quarterly basis. There are no refunds after purchase and all sales are final because of this reason. Contact Us: Disclaimer: Bands For Arms is not affiliated with the Department of Defense, nor is affiliated with any US military branch of service. Bands For Arms is a family business, supporting our US Military Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen.

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