The 1st 2012 Prototype Holli Bracelet

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Made with Navy desert uniforms

Nick's 1st designed Bracelet, dedicated to Bands For Arms supporter and owner of The Catroom Recording Studio, Holli Craddock. In 2012, Holli and Brian Craddock helped Nick record a Christmas song to be delivered to our troops serving overseas as a Christmas present. As a thank you for both Holli and Brian helping Nick with his Bands For Arms project, Nick decided to design both Holli and Brian their own Bracelet. Many of Holli's supporters and fans had an inside joke using a squirrel. Nick wanted to incorporate this in his first Bracelet dedicated to Holli, but went with a ladybug theme instead for personal reasons that was meant for a little child she loved that had passed.

Part of the 2015 Spring Bracelet Collection