The 1st Prototype Overcome Bracelet

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Made with Navy woodland camis

*As an additional item, a glass pig with wings is included

To end the 4th Anniversary week of Bands For Arms, Nick releases his last Bracelet to commemorate his 4th Anniversary running Bands For Arms, recognizing a previous Navy Warrant Officer he worked with while stationed in Sigonella, Sicily. One day during the month of September of 2010, Nick saw a whole bunch of rope and twine in a large garbage bin, next to his command while outside getting ready for command PT. White packing rope caught Nick's eye that was in the bin. Nick reached in the bin and took out all the white rope. Next to him was grumpy EOD Warrant Officer who said to Nick, "IS2, since when did your rate turn into a garbage picker? What the heck are you going to do with all that rope, or should I say trash, because that's why it's in the bin, right, IS2?" Nick then told him, "Well sir, I plan on turning this into something for a project I've been working on, possibly turning this into a Bracelet." The grumpy Warrant Officer said to Nick, "Turn that trash into a Bracelet? That's impossible! I'd like to see you do that and see if anyone would buy your trash! Leave the impossible and get back to work. You can't do it IS2! If you do, pigs will fly. Then, when pigs fly, I'll believe you. In my opinion, you're wasting your time."

Since Nick picked up the rope found, Nick designed The Coia Bracelet and The Rigger Bracelet, resulting and contributing towards a $25,000.00 donation to The USO Japan in 2011.