**********The Alzheimer's Women's Bracelet

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Made with a service member's uniform button

Designed and made for Nick's high school, long time friend, Veronica Smith McCormick. In 2012, Nick had originally ordered a bag of purple beads to design Nick's clothing sponsor, The Den, owned by Mary Steely, to design her next Bracelet. Upon receiving his shipment of the beads he thought he had ordered, he received the wrong size. Since then, for over 3 years, Nick has held on to the bag or small purple beads with no clue what to design. One day, Nick decided to post a few pictures of what he does and makes on a daily basis with the Bracelets on his personal Facebook page, which he very rarely does. He finally designed a Bracelet for fun with the purple beads and posted the picture of it on his wall. His friend Veronica, noticed the Bracelet along Nick's friends, Patty Carden and Deborah Grunn, and suggested he dedicate the Bracelet towards a cause. Veronica then mentioned that the purple colors represents Alzheimer's Disease, the disease in which Veronica's father suffered and died from. Nick thought about this and wanted to dedicate this Bracelet to Veronica and her father, who would carpool Nick and Veronica to school at times and would take care of Nick. Nick wanted to use the sales from this Bracelet towards the www.alz.org to support the fight against Alzheimer's Disease