The Amy Stalnaker Bracelet

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Made with Navy woodland camis

Made with magnetic beads

Inspired and created for Bands For Arms Director of Graphic Design, Amy Stalnaker. As Amy leaves the Bands For Arms family at the end of the 2013 year, Nick wanted to leave her with one more Bracelet inspired by her. Her amazing work and countless hours of volunteer designing, helped bring a new perspective view of her own interpretation of what Bands For Arms means to her. Since joining, she designed graphics for The Aurora Colorado shooting, The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, The 9/11 Freedom Run, The Massive Hurricane over in the Philippines, along with an assortment of full page graphics found in Surfer Magazine. Nick is sadden for her departure, but wishes her the very best for her and her husband, once leaving their duty station in Germany. Nick also hopes that the work she provided towards Bands For Arms, helps her along the way in the future. She has built an excellent portfolio to take with her and Nick knows whoever takes her place, has mighty big shoes to fill. Nick appreciates all that Amy has given to Bands For Arms. It was Amy's request at one time, for a dark beaded Bracelet. Once Amy said this to Nick, he went out on a search to find magnet beads to form her requested Bracelet, symbolizing her sticking together with Nick through thick and thin with the projects progress and mission.