The Audrianna Bracelet, The 2013 B4A Military Child Bracelet

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The Audrianna Bracelet, inspired by newborn baby, Audrianna Luder, daughter of Navy EOD Tech, Ryan Luder and Jennifer Pearl Luder, close friends to Nick. April marks the month of The Military Child and this year, for 2013, Nick dedicates this month to baby Audrianna. Back in October 2012, Nick missed Audrianna's birth just a few days after he left his command in Rota Spain. Nick asked Ryan and Jennifer if it'd be ok to dedicate a Bracelet after her since he missed her birth. Waiting for the right moment to release her Bracelet, since missing her birth, Nick felt April's Military Child Month would be the best moment. This Bracelet is made with Audrianna father's uniform that Ryan donated, along with his grandfather's uniform, to Nick to create a family Bracelet to remember his grandfather's service in the military.