The Cessna Bracelet

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Made with a service member's uniform button

Inspired and created for USMC Veteran, Mary Cessna, for her continuous support with Bands For Arms. Aside from promoting the project, Mary had her high school teenager get involved by providing community service by volunteering with the break down of uniforms to be turned into Bracelets. It took Nick a very long time in deciding how to design The Cessna Bracelet for her, simply because the design did not pop in his head as easy as many of his other Bracelets have. Nick reads people and understands their background to assist him in designing a tribute Bracelet. It wasn't until Nick examined Mary's desk, finding many ocean themed designs. It was then after, Nick purchased colored abalone shell beads to finally construct her Bracelet. Nick appreciates Mary as a supporter, but respects and looks up to her fully as the hardest working Production Manager any Imagery Analyst can work with.