The Claudia Bracelet

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Made with Navy working whites


Inspired and created for breast cancer survivor, Claudia Weaver, mother of Nick's friend, Marine CPL Payton Weaver. When Nick met Payton while deployed in Spain during the Spring of 2012, one of the first things Payton mentioned to Nick was, "I am happy that you support breast cancer. My mother is a survivor from breast cancer and I am grateful for cancer research, being able to save her life." He even showed Nick his tattoo he got for his mother, with a design incorporating breast cancer awareness. Since then, Payton graciously helped Nick with Bands For Arms while his platoon was deployed in Spain, helping produce and ship out over 1000 Bracelets. For Payton, Nick wanted to create a Bracelet that would reflect his devotion and love for his mother. During Nick's tour in Australia, Nick found a pink ribbon bead while out in The Blue Mountains. As soon as Nick saw the beads, he said to himself,  "FINALLY, A BEAD FOR CLAUDIA!" For Payton's help with Bands For Arms, Nick returns the gesture with a Bracelet for his mother to wear, made with a Navy uniform to remind Payton and his mother that the gift came from a Sailor.