The Cooper Bracelet, A Limited Edition

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Made with Navy desert uniforms
Designed and inspired by Academy Award nominee, Bradley Cooper, for portraying himself as the legendary Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle. Bradley Cooper has been very active with supporting the troops by visiting them, listening to wounded Veterans and taking time to understand their honor and values towards the United States.
The design of the Bracelet is to symbolize Chief Kyle's job as a Navy sniper. The two red strips represents Chris Kyle's children, his lifeline he fought for and was proud to come home to and the rope in between represents Chris' wife, holding the family together, wrapped with a Navy uniform to represent Chief Kyle's ambition to hold both his job as a Navy SEAL and his role as a father and husband. Designed on black leather to represent Chief Kyle's death and honor as one of the bravest American heroes.
Part of Nick's Hollywood Themed Bracelets, made for Nick's Academy Awards Tour in February 2015