The Doc Logan Tinsley Bracelet

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Designed and inspired by Bands For Arms supporter and proud Phillip Phillips fan, Barb Wilson. Barb asked Nick if he could honor her nephew's friend, as she wrote to him, "Nick, some years ago my nephews' friend, Logan, was killed when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb and the vehicle went into some water.  He didn't die as a result of the bomb.  He drowned when some of his gear got hung up in the truck while he tried to save his buddies.  Can a Logan bracelet be done?  I volunteer to make some if you can send me some buttons and I'll send the bracelets back to you with a detailed account of his bravery." To Nick, the same way Nick's friend died who made him the first bracelet, Nick decided to honor her nephew's friend by creating a Bracelet after his honor.