The Earnhardt Jr. Bracelet

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Made with Navy desert camis as the base of the uniform and a patchwork of Army, Navy, Coast Guard,  Air Force and Marine Corps cami's

Inspired by NASCAR Driver, proud military and National Guard supporter, Mr. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Requested by Bands For Arms Staff, Melisa Hall, for Nick to design for one of the most proud and honoring military supporters found on the race track. For Melisa and all her work towards Bands For Arms, Nick had no problem to do this for her and her favorite race car driver. For this one, Nick asked his friend, Joey Anthony Millward, to experiment with Nick's Bracelet material in the Bands For Arms Laboratory. After a couple hours, Joey finally came up with a concept to represent 3x symbolic signs towards his Bracelet: the burn marks, the patchwork to represent all military of the United States and the inscription, "Sacrifice For Others." After presented to Nick, Nick decided and said to him, "THIS IS IT! This is the Bracelet for Dale Earnhardt Jr, since it represented so much for what Dale stands for. Finished off by Nick, adding a black and white finish line strip and the number #88, Nick was proud Joey was able to come up with such a historic design.

Normal average waiting time for delivery and production is 10-12 weeks from the time of order.