******************************************The Emoji Poop Easter Egg Surprise

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An Easter surprise to celebrate the 2017 Easter Holiday season!

***An existing Bands For Arms Gift card may not be used to purchase this item***

Pick your choice of any of the Emoji Poop Easter Eggs. Each will contain either one random Bracelet, a year long discount code you can use for any purchase throughout 2017, used as much as you want for the remainder of 2017, excluding our B4A gift certificates (25%, 30%, 3x 50%, 2x 60% and 1x 75% code) 1x $100 B4A Gift Card or the grand prize, a $200 B4A Gift Card in Eggs #1-70

Poop Eggs 💩 71-100 may contain a discount code, just like stated above, or one of our top prizes: 2x $100 B4A Gift cards, 1x $200 B4A Gift card