The Eric Michael Bracelet

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Made with WWII Army uniforms
Inspired by and dedicated to Bands For Arms Model, Eric Michael Ascher, designed with Army WWII uniforms, to honor his Jewish heritage and his family he lost during the Holocaust. Eric met Nick while he was visiting Manhattan, NY for the 2014 Superbowl. Seeing Eric's charm and charisma as a medical student and avid supporter of the United States Military, Nick wanted to design his Bracelet with a significant valued historical piece to honor his family and the millions lost during WWII. An Army WWII uniform is used in this Bracelet to honor our past Veteran's that invaded Europe, ending the axis power. Woven leather cords binds this Bracelet together, to symbolize our allies unified effort to win the war. Nick is thankful for having met Eric in New York, not realizing how much of an influence and change he brought into Nick's life. In return, Nick created The Eric Michael to honor his family heritage.
*Please Note: Normal average waiting time for delivery and production is 10-12 weeks from the time of order.