The Finewood Mural Anniversary Piece

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Designed and created on Bands For Arms 4th Anniversary, inspired by United States Marine, Nick Finewood, dedicated to Nick's first Marine friend who made him his first uniformed bracelet, made from the 17x Marines that made fun of Nick's friend

Finewood met Nick while stationed in Rota Spain. After the 2011 New Years, Nick and Finewood, on January 8th, 2011, set forth to visit the island of Cadiz. There, Finewood observed the many roundabouts and the artwork emplaced in each circled roundabout. Finewood then mentioned to Nick that he should design a center piece or an artwork piece using uniforms or his Bracelets. This thought stuck with Nick and it was then, on B4A's 4th Anniversary, Nick would take Finewood's idea and design his first artwork piece, naming after Finewood. 

Keeping tradition of using superglue, buttons and twine, Nick used 3x viles of super glue, 100x Bracelets and 3 buttons

Details About The Artwork:

- Designed on a smoky background canvas to symbolize the smoke created after the IED blast that killed Nick's friend in Afghanistan

- Only 2x Bracelets link with each other being a Navy Bracelet and a Marine Corps Bracelet. This is to symbolize Nick's mentoring of the first Marine that made Nick his first Bracelet

- The Scar Bracelet is to symbolize Nick's friend Killed in Action

- The Operation Enduring Freedom is to symbolize the location of Nick's friends death where he was killed with an IED

- The Tour Necklace is to symbolize Nick's first use of a uniform item to be turned into a Bracelet, being the button attached to the dog tags. One dog tag is marked with the B4A logo, the other an American flag. When Nick departed with his friend who made his first bracelet, Nick gave him one of his dog tags as a trade for the bracelet. Today, his friend is buried with Nick's dog tag.

- The Military Recruiter Bracelet is to symbolize Nick's friend entering into the United States Marine Corps

- The Coast Guard Support Our Troops Bracelet is to symbolize deployment of the USCG beyond United States territorial waters into foreign waters, transitioning into the Department of Defense

- The Stillian Bracelet is to symbolize Nick's evolvement of his cloth Bracelets, using leather and metal pieces that he picked up while stationed in Sigonella Sicily, finding the first use of leather in Athens Greece

- The Beethoven Bracelet is to symbolize that creativity doesn't cease with Bands For Arms

- The Military Grandma Bracelet is to symbolize our elder Veterans that have served in the United States Military

- The 2014 Bracelet is to symbolize the year of the creation of this artwork piece

- A Mystery Bracelet at the tip of the crescent will remain in Nick's heart as to why this Bracelet was created