The Fraser Bracelet, A Limited Edition

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 Made with WWI Army uniforms

The Fraser Bracelet, inspired by the designer of The WWI Victory Medal and The Buffalo Indian Head Nickel, James Earle Fraser. The WWI Victory Medal was designed as a significance to the end of WWI. The United States Army published orders authorizing the World War I Victory Medal in April 1919 and the US Navy followed in June of that same year. The WWI Victory Medals for the US Army veterans were mailed out by the Depot Officer at the General Supply Depot U.S. Army, Philadelphia, PA. The boxes with the medals to the US Army servicemen were mailed out April 1921. The postage area of the boxes were marked "OFFICIAL BUSINESS, Penalty for private use $300." Inside the outer light brown box with an address label glued to it was a white box with the medal. The inner white box that held the medal was ink stamped with the bars the serviceman was supposed to receive on their medal. Inside the white box the medal was wrapped in tissue paper. Because the medals were awarded post WWI they were mailed to the servicemen instead of awarded in person.

"Well, when I was asked to do a nickel, I felt I wanted to do something totally American—a coin that could not be mistaken for any other country's coin. It occurred to me that the buffalo, as part of our western background, was 100% American, and that our North American Indian fitted into the picture perfectly." - James Earle Fraser