The Justine Rice Bracelet

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Made with a Marine Woodland cami Bracelet

Nick's first designed, multi-wrapped Bracelet

"Five years ago today, my friend at the time, spouse to US Marine, Austin Rice, now part of The Bands For Arms Staff, Justine Rice, thought it would be an awesome idea to create a Bracelet for the military spouses. Both Austin and Justine joined Nick in designing a new Bracelet for the military spouses, apart from Nick's designed Bracelets named after service members that helped him. Austin found some yellow thread and wrapped it around a thin military sewn Bracelet. There was no name for the Bracelet that was sewn up that he used, which eventually became the Bracelet called The Rice Bracelet. It was a simple idea he created, but delicate to its creation. Nick used these Bracelets Austin made in a photoshoot with Austin and Justine as the models, marking Nick's first military coupled graphic. Nick pondered the idea of a Military Wife Bracelet until New Year's Eve of 2011 when Nick finally released The Military Wife Bracelet, inspired by Justine and Austin Rice. Since then, over 15,000 Military Wife and Spouse Bracelets have been made and distributed worldwide. If it wasn't for Justine and Austin buzzing the idea to design for the spouses, there would probably be no design to honor our military spouses today. As a thank you again, I have designed Justine another Bracelet called, The Justine Rice Bracelet, with a navigating compass as its focal point, for if it wasn't for Justine's direction, there would be no recognition of our spouses with Bands For Arms - Nick III"