The Katie Keane Bracelet, A Limited Edition

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Made with Navy working blue uniforms

Inspired and designed for Bands For Arms supporter and sister to one of Nick's best volunteers Mary Spriggs, Katie Keane. Katie, since finding out about Bands For Arms during the beginning of 2013, has become an avid supporter and follower to both Nick and Mary's progress with the growth of the company. By wearing and sporting the B4A Bracelets that she has in her possession, she feels its a close, sincere way of connecting her and her sister, Mary, showing support as her sister serves daily in the United States Navy. Nick thanks Katie for her continued support and wants to let her know that Mary has been serving her time honorably and faithfully towards her country. Volunteerism is one of Mary's strong points and just happy she can spread her help towards those she's surrounded. A very well rounded Sailor she is.