The Lisa Bracelet

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Made with Air Force ABU's

Created and inspired by Bands For Arms Volunteer, Lisa Soares. Lisa, mother of Air Force Airman, Gannon Soares, met Nick while he was stationed in Rota Spain. Seeing the opportunity in attending to service members and understanding the mission and purpose behind Bands For Arms, Lisa wanted to reach out and extend her family to help Nick. Luckily, Lisa, along with her husband, Steve and son, Alec, moved to Orlando FL, not too far from where Nick's duty station was located. During free weekends, Lisa's family would travel to Nick's workshop and help create Bracelets. The idea of helping her husband's military non-profit organization, The Camaraderie Foundation, was brought up and Nick, in return for helping volunteer, decided to fund and donate towards this amazing cause for our wounded Vets. Nick appreciates all of Lisa's help and her family's gesture in assisting our military.