The Lois Bracelet

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Made with a service members uniform button

Inspired by Bands For Arms Staff Liaison to The National 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Lois Walcott. Lois first picked Bands For Arms as a following fan during the summer of 2010, shortly after Nick began the project. Through her love and devotion to our United States military, she felt Bands For Arms was her way of contributing to those serving. With her humbleness and avid loyalty to our military, Lois wanted to help more with Bands For Arms. It wasn't until 2013 when Nick decided that Lois was the right person to help with The National 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan, NY since she was from Brooklyn already. Nick appreciates all the small talks, prayer and suggestions with Bands For Arms, more so, relaying information and help to the memorial when a 9/11 event comes up. As a thank you, Nick designed this Bracelet using a penguin, because he felt it fit her character, simply being cute and adorable.