The Operation Meetinghouse Bracelet

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Made with two Army WWII uniforms and an origami crane

Designed and dedicated to The USO Japan. Nick was tasked to design a Bracelet to commemorate the American bomb raid on March 9-10th, 1945. With this Bracelet, two WWII Army buttons are used to symbolize WWII. seven silver beads are used to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the attack on Tokyo Japan. An origami crane is to symbolize the innocent victims of war.

The Operation Meetinghouse air raid of 9–10 March 1945 was later estimated to be the single most destructive bombing raid in history. U.S. B-29 bombers flew over Tokyo in the dead of night, dumping massive payloads of cluster bombs equipped with a then-recent invention: napalm. A fifth of Tokyo was left a smoldering expanse of charred bodies and rubble.

Today, a modest floral monument in a downtown park honors the spirits of the 105,400 confirmed dead, many interred in common graves.

It was the deadliest conventional air raid ever, worse than Nagasaki and on par with Hiroshima. But the attack, and similar ones that followed in more than 60 other Japanese cities, have received little attention, eclipsed by the atomic bombings and Japan's postwar rush to rebuild.

An origami crane is to this day a symbol of innocent victims of war.