The Melissa Bracelet

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Made with a Marine Corps uniform button

It was early Saturday Morning, May 11th, 2013, finding out one of Nick's best friends wife had been rushed to the emergency room. As soon as Nick saw what had happened to US Marine Kiyoshi Kuroda's wife, Melissa, one of Nick's Bands For Arms Models, viewing pictures and reading about the major surgery she had gone through the night before about a football sized tumor found in her abdomen, Nick wanted to design a Bracelet after her as a sign of recovery and hope. Melissa asked Nick for a support group and prayers for recover, hoping to not find anything worse to come of this. The Venitian glass heart in this Bracelet was found in a back alley while Nick was touring Venice. Sold by an elderly merchant, she told Nick in Italian, "These hearts were made and blessed for hope. Colored black for the terror and fear in this world, designed inside a heart to remember a greater presence will always care for those in need." Nick bought them in 2011 and held on to the glass hearts for a special purpose. It was decided that these needed to be used in Melissa's name for hope.