******************************************************************************************************The Mermaid's Rescue Bracelet

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Made with Navy utility pants

Designed and made for one of Nick's friends, a Marine Veteran who Nick mentored during his enlistment, who committed suicide unexpectedly during the middle of March 2017. The design features various types of mermaids. When Nick had met his friend, Nick knew this Marine was experiencing problems at home with his newly married wife, explaining to Nick that it was hard for him to be separated from his wife. He told Nick, "Mermaids could grasp onto my pain and take it down into the ocean. If ever I experience pain Mendoza, I would hope one day a mermaid would take it away." Nick got in touch with his wife and eventually spoke to all three of them at once on a Skype telephone call. Soon there after, the Marine and wife were conversing more, opening up more and rebuilding that bond that the Marine thought was fading away. Nick was happy to see that he was able to save a relationship and to help a Marine in need. When he found out that this Marine took his own life away, it caught Nick off guard and brought Nick into a depressed state and wanted to be left alone. It wasn't until one of his professors at his college, knew something was off with Nick and that his performance was not usual. Nick opened up to his professor about the history and what had happened and just spoke with Nick to suppress his thoughts. Mermaids came to mind when Nick wanted to honor his life and so he designed this Bracelet with his B4A logos surrounding the mermaids, symbolizing that the logos represent military Veterans and that we all swim with issues, big or small, some with invisible wounds, others with noticeable wounds. The mermaids are there to take each pain away, deep into the ocean, just as one Mermaid, the highlighted Mermaid, took his friend's pain away, deep into the sea so he can rest at peace