The Military Boobs Campaign Bracelet

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Made with Navy working white uniforms

GOAL: To Raise $5,000.00 in 2014

On January 13th, 2013, a sewing machine was given to Nick by a local Tampa Bands For Arms supporter who found him by means of a new media outlook. This sewing machine was purchased by his wife who was suffering from breast cancer. She thought it could aide her while suffering. Sadly, she passed away before using the machine. The husband donated her machine to Nick and made a promise with the husband that I'd use it sufficiently towards the Bands For Arms project. Since then, Nick decided to begin fundraising for the Moffitt Cancer Center she was receiving treatment from located in Tampa FL. To mark this anniversary date, Nick designed a Bracelet after her and her passing, as well as to begin fundraising towards The Moffitt Cancer Magnolia Ball, commencing in May of 2014, with donors donating towards various cancer treatment care.