The Neighbor Bracelet

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Made with Navy desert uniforms

Designed and dedicated to Nick's apartment neighbor who negatively requested for Nick to quit Bands For Arms because she felt it was wrong to have people over all the time on the weekend and that, while looking in Nick's window, thought his apartment was a horrid sight, seeing all the Bands For Arms material invading his living area. When the neighbor approached Nick and said to his face, "You're a horrible neighbor and a bad representation to the apartment complex," Nick in turn kept his cool and told her, "Your yelling and complaining, well, Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!" Nick designed this Bracelet as a reminder for her and placed it on her doorstep. After reviewing Nick's website, she understood what Nick was doing and his missing and one day, knocked on his door, wearing his Bracelet he made for her and said, "Oh Lord Jesus, I'm sorry."