The Phillips Bracelet

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Made with Marine Corps desert and woodland camis
The Phillips Bracelet, inspired by military supporter and Bands For Arms patron, musician Phillip Phillips. Phillip met Nick while in New York City, NY during the 2014 Superbowl weekend. Phillip graciously acknowledged his support towards the troops by recording a special message thanking those serving in harms way. Nick was very excited to hear Phillip, sometime in the future, going out forward and selflessly devoting his time in meeting deployed service members. For Phillip's honor towards the service members, Nick designed his Bracelet using Marine desert and woodland camis to symbolize the background story behind Bands For Arms, representing the Marines Nick first met that inspired his friend, KIA, to design Nick his first bracelet. Attached to a Navy Type III patterned band, representing Nick's current uniform, Phillip's Bracelet will be a memorable one.
*Please Note: Normal average waiting time for delivery and production is 10-12 weeks from the time of order.