The Portugal Bracelet

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The Portugal Bracelet Made with Navy working blue uniform
While Nick was serving duty at EODMU8 in Rota, Spain 2010-2012, one of the places he would travel to was Portugal with the Marines. Albufeira, Portugal was a vital location with the history of Bands For Arms with Nick. Here, Nick found a vast array of different European Bracelet designs that incorporated bright colors with leather. It was this location in Portugal Nick decided to use white leather in his Bracelet designing. It was he time of Carnivale and the themed colors were red, white, yellow and purple. Lot's of white was used on the faces of the people celebrating during Carnivale. The first Bracelet to use the white leather cord was The Enterprise Bracelet, named after The USS Enterprise and it's travels through the eastern side of the world. The metal rings symbolizes the festivities of the juggling clowns who used metal rings to entertain the crowds.