The Rota Spain Bracelet

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Designed with American Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy uniforms, embedded on a Spanish Marine's uniform, donated to Josh Steely, guitarist from the band Daughtry


In December of 2011, the music band Daughtry, willingly donated their time to travel with the Air Force Reserve to perform for the troops in Europe and The Middle East. One of the stops was Rota, Spain, where Nick, assigned to EODMU8 at the time, located in Rota, first met the band. As a thank you for the band performing for the service and Spanish military and their families, Nick designed Chris Daughtry a Bracelet, using Nick's working blue uniforms and called it, The Daughtry Bracelet and presented it to Chris, shortly before the perform began for the base. After the concert, the band got to hang out with the service members on base at a local community recreation facility. Here, band member, Josh Steely, met a Spanish Marine fan who wanted to exchange his uniform for an item of Josh's. Since the exchange, Josh held on to this uniform, up until Nick had a chance to visit The Den in July 2013, owned by Josh's wife, Mary Steely. It was there at The Den, Mary, Josh and Nick spoke about what to do with the uniform. Josh wanted to donate it back to Bands For Arms. After Nick received the uniform, Nick contacted his Spanish Marine friends in Spain to find the owner of this uniform. A couple weeks after searching, the Spanish Marine was located and was excited to represent his country by donating his uniform, to represent America's military and to thank the band Daughtry for performing for him, his fellow Marines and their families, voluntarily out of their busy schedule. Nick then decided he wanted to incorporate all military branches that transit and utilize Naval Station, Rota and stamped with the year the Spanish Marine's uniform was given to Josh Steely. To honor the Joint Coalition of the Spanish and the Americans, The Rota Spain Bracelet was designed, being Nick's first Coalition designed Bracelet.