The Smagowicz Bracelet

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Made with Air Force uniforms

Designed and dedicated to Bands For Arms volunteer and future Air Force Academy student, Zachary Smagowicz. Zach, current student body president to his high school, Alonso HS, met Nick at their local gym in Tampa FL. Nick noticed on his arm a Bracelet and approached Zach, asking where he got it. Nick was told that it was left on his vehicle window to wear to honor our service members and was so proud to wear it. Nick then announced to him that he was the owner of that Bracelet company, which Zach was excited to discover. Zach then informed Nick that he was part of the JROTC at his high school and asked Nick if there was anyway he could help. The following week, Zach brought his friends to the B4A workshop to learn the construction of the Bracelets and story behind why the company was formed.