***********The Spencer Meyer Bracelet, The 238th Marine Corps Birthday Bracelet

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The Marine Corps 238th Birthday Bracelet

- Made with Nick's Marine desert cami uniforms he once wore while stationed with the Marines and a Marine CPL's bloodstripe

Each year, Nick creates The Marine Corps Birthday Bracelet, dedicating it to one Marine he's met throughout the year that has inspired, helped, guided and spiritually mentored him. This year, Nick dedicates The 238th Marine Corps Birthday Bracelet to Marine CPL Spencer Meyer, who met Nick while stationed in Rota, Spain. Nick appreciates Spencer's friendship and longs to meet him once again in the future. The Spencer Meyer is the only Bracelet made this year with Navy and Marine Corps uniforms combined, to signify Nick's first bracelet received by the first Marine that gave Nick his bracelet made with 17 Marines donated uniforms.