The Tristan Bracelet

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Made with ACU's

" This is Tristan. He turned 8 yesterday 10/8/14. He is our first born and has gone through his father going to boot camp, AIT, a 13 month deployment and multiple moves. He is in 2nd grade and in his 3rd school (due to pcs'ing). He has stay strong and has never complained about any of the hard ships. When his father was injured in Afghanistan, he did not cry until Daddy was safely home.
This picture was taken at the Albuquerque International Balloon Feista 2014. As we were walking he grabbed my hand and told me to hold on there was something he had to do. I said ok, as i followed him i soon realized we were walking over to the military booths. He went to each man in uniform and shook their hands thanking them for their service.
Although he has experienced many difficult things with his Father being in the army, he still has every intention of joining the military when he is able.