The Wereth 11 Limited Edition Bracelet

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Made with an Army WWII Soldiers uniform

The 333rd Field Artillery Battalion was an all-black (with some white officers) artillery unit during World War II. They were among some of the best of the best artillery units at that time. During the Battle of the Bulge while the rest of the 333rd were being evacuated, Company “C” was left behind to man the guns to provide cover fire for the advancing 106th Division. They were surrounded by the German SS. The wounded were killed, and the rest were either killed or taken captive. However, 11 men of the 333rd were able to escape and make their way to Wereth, Belgium. On December 17th they were recaptured, made to sleep on a snowy hillside, and then brutally tortured and murdered by the German SS. Their bodies, missing fingers and with bayonets wounds in their eye sockets, were not discovered until the following February. There was evidence that one of the men had been shot while trying to bandage the wounds of another. These brave men became known as the Wereth Eleven. There is now a small memorial in Wereth, Belgium for them, thought to be the ONLY memorial for African American soldiers of World War II in Europe. (1) Private Curtis Adams of SC, (2) Cpl. Mager Bradley of MS, (3) PFC George Davis of AL, (4) SSgt. Thomas J. Forte of MS, (5) Technical Cpl. Robert Green of MS, (6) PFC James Leatherwood of MS, (7) Private Nathanial Moss of TX, (8) PFC George W. Moten of TX, (9) Technical Sgt. William E. Pritchett of AL, (10) Technical Sgt. James Aubrey Stuart of WV, and (11) PFC Due W. Turner of AR are the Wereth Eleven.